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It has been such a great experience working with Rebecca. She has been very supportive, understanding and she does not kid around with really personalizing individualized routines and. She is always willing to help us customize and troubleshoot with our 14 month old son! She not only helps us with the sleeping problems with our son, but she also keeps the parents’ mental health in check. I totally recommend Rebecca to anyone!
— Peony Lo
Rebecca has offered a great deal of guidance and support in figuring out my son’s sleep schedule. I was struggling for over a few month’s in figuring on how to help my son to sleep at a decent hour and not up until midnight crying because he wants to be held, or to have his back rub. I was desperate to find a solution. As first-time parents, she was very patient and answer all of my questions . Rebecca even explain why my son was up until midnight. She helped us devise a game plan which respected to our style of parenting, work schedule/ busy life’s. She also took into account, our son who is very stubbornness and strong willed.
With Rebecca guidance/ sleep schedule, my son has gotten used to the routine and is now sleeping at a decent hour (7:30 or 8:00)! He no longer wants me in the room with him. He will say bye to me and blows me a kiss and goes to bed on his own!
I strongly recommend Rebecca to help your family.
— Joel and Quana Allen, Brooklyn N.Y. - 2018
We had the most amazing experience with Sleep Cadets! At 2 years old, our daughter was still sleeping in our bed and waking us in the middle of the night to watch movies.

Within the first week of Sleep Cadets, our little one was sleeping in her crib, in her own room, by the second week she was sleeping through the night.

Rebecca is fantastic at what she does! Rebecca worked closely with us to tailor a specialized sleep plan that best fit our little one and our family needs. Rebecca guided us every step of the way. With several modifications throughout the process to allow for the best results! Together as a team we made it to our end goal of our little one in her own room, in her own crib, sleeping through the night! We are very happy, very well - rested parents!!!
Thank you Rebecca!
— Rich and Tanya, NY
Thank you again for all your help!! Words can’t say how much your guidance has adjusted our lives. We now have more us time, sleep better and the kids, especially our son is enjoying and participating more in school. Life is just better with those two!!

•What special needs did your family have that Rebecca was able to factor into your sleep coaching process?...
For us it was a number of special needs that Rebecca was able to identify, provide solutions and ideas in creating a road map for success. We have twins, (a boy and a girl) that are 3 who share the same room and could not be any more different in personality and needs. Our son also has sensory issues and speech delay which created another layer in trying to solve our night time issues to hopefully getting to good solid sleep for all. Rebecca’s success with twins personally and professionally put us at ease, knowing that our sleep guide had truly been in the trenches with twins herself.

•Would you recommend Rebecca to any other family going through your particular situation?...
Triple Yes!!! Her guidance has adjusted our lives in every way. I was weeks away from beginning a new job and was worried that rejoining the work force after taking time off to be a full time mom was perhaps the wrong decision. She quickly jumped in and created a road map of success for us and was with us every step of the way. My kids sleep better, are doing great in Pre-K, my husband and I now have time to be a couple once again and I’m back at work full time with enough sleep at night to accomplish my day!
— Mirian, Mom of B/G Twins, New Jersey
Rebecca Kammerer has been THE sleep answer for our family. I decided to contact Rebecca because we had a lot of sleep challenges with our first daughter, so much so that I felt it took a lot of the joy out of being a mother. I said I would never go through that again when we had our second daughter, and I knew from previous mistakes that I wanted a predictable schedule so we could have a life! I reached out to Rebecca when we were ready to get on track with sleep.
I nursed and was really opposed to just letting my babies cry it out. From the first meeting with Rebecca, I knew the transition would be at my pace. I also learned that we were going to be creating a rhythm and schedule for our daughter’s whole day, not just for night time. This was new for me, as I didn’t really keep her on a schedule as much as I knew I should have. I specifically remember that at the time, my daughter was battling constipation which I was really stressed about. Once Rebecca got us on a schedule, my daughter started to become completely regular. I was delighted! This was my lightbulb moment and almost immediate proof of how important the schedule Rebecca had put us on would be.
As we moved into night sleep, I wanted to keep the pace pretty gradual. I was nursing through the night, which I did not want to do, but at the same time, didn’t feel comfortable completely cutting my daughter off. Within about 1 and a half weeks we were down to one feeding a night. We started at about 4 or 5! Finally, when I was ready, I weened her off the last night feeding and my daughter was sleeping through the night; the Holy Grail for parents. I know she could have done it in less time but we did it when I was ready. Rebecca completely worked at my pace, gently guiding me along but giving me a push when I needed assurance that my daughter could do it.
Throughout this process, Rebecca basically holds your hand. We were in constant communication. Talking, texting, whatever I needed, Rebecca was able to walk me through issues, questions, doubts, anything.
Our daughter is a happy baby, full of life. She is so rarely cranky, fussy or crying now unless she’s sick. I am 100 percent certain that it’s because she gets enough sleep, and she’s on a predictable schedule. I have come to realize that this is what babies need and want, and Rebecca gives you the tools to give them this gift. I cannot say enough about Rebecca. Working with her with our second daughter only makes me wish that I had her for our first.
Good Luck to all the sleepless parents out there!
— Carolina and Curtis Martin
Our experience with Rebecca and Sleep Cadets was AMAZING (i.e., it WORKED).

We did not really “believe” in sleep coaches. We’d read all kinds of sleep tactics in twin books/on the internet, we’d gotten advice from our friends and family, and we felt pretty well set.

THEN... we moved. Brodie, at ten months old, began throwing tantrums — legit tantrums — any time we tried to put him in his crib for the night. We tried MANY tactics. We held him, rocked him, fed him, and yes, we tried “cry it out” — we lasted 20 minutes before we could not stand it anymore. Of course, every time Brodie went off, he’d wake up his brother Jayden.

We started relying on late-night car rides to get Brodie to sleep, which took its toll on us, and only worked SOME of the time. The other nights? We just didn’t sleep (no one did).

WEEKS went by, and things got worse. Our car-ride tactic started working less and less. The boys weren’t sleeping, we weren’t sleeping, and we had NO time for ourselves.

Enter Rebecca and Sleep Cadets!

Rebecca is a true professional who really knows her stuff. She immediately grasped the issues we were facing, and why they were weighing so heavily on us. After a careful evaluation, she gave us a reworked nap/feeding schedule (based on both our and the boys’ needs) and a clear regimen to follow with the boys each night before bedtime.

This is where the magic comes in, and what makes Sleep Cadets and Rebecca so special. Rebecca didn’t just give us a bedtime regimen coupled with various tactics to “get them to sleep.” She created a custom, meaningful experience for our family prior to bedtime. She flipped our approach to the sleep issue from surviving it — i.e., “just get through it” — to using it as an opportunity to create genuine connection between the four of us, as a family.

And, results don’t lie. From day one — DAY ONE — of working with Rebecca, Brodie was soundly asleep in his crib by 7:15pm. We could not believe it, and if you saw how he was just ONE day before that, you would not believe it either. We thought it had to be a fluke. It wasn’t. It’s been that way ever since, even after we took the boys on cross-country flights to Los Angeles and back for Christmas. Rebecca was also there with us every step of the way until the new routine took hold, supporting us, cheering us on, and tweaking the regimen as different issues arose.

In short, Rebecca’s coaching was priceless, and truly a game-changer. We now have a workable, predictable schedule that supports us and our boys in getting the sleep we need AND we get time for ourselves. Rebecca delivered exactly what she promised (for very reasonable rates).

If you are facing sleep issues with your babies, HIRE SLEEP CADETS. Do not suffer through it for weeks like we did with unsustainable and taxing workarounds. It is absolutely worth the investment!
— Kyla Grant, L.I. New York— 5 star
I first learned of Rebecca from several mother’s groups on Facebook and Google Services. I originally reached out to Rebecca; do to my 3 1/2 year old son, giving us such a hard time getting relaxed for bed. He is a very strong willed child and stubborn. There was major drama every single night and took over an hour and half to get him to bed. At times, my husband and I lost our cool from being overtired and stressed. I also had an infant to take care of making life even more stressful.

After working with Rebecca for a few months, she was able to guide us with positive negotiations and reinforcement in sleep training our son. Also having some structure has really helped. We have always gone with the flow and I think by working with someone who believes in routine strategies, really has showed us how important it is for the kids.

I really liked working with Rebecca. She is very caring and patient. There was a lot of follow up calls which I appreciated. This helped me to understand if I did things right or wrong.

I absolutely recommend Rebecca!! Thank you again Rebecca for your help. We are finally more relaxed and have an easier bedtime routine each night.
— Julia K., L.I., NY
After a year (literally) of battling sleep with my son Oliver, I desperately searched Google for a sleep coach who tends to the needs of a parent who practices, attachment parenting. I was very hesitant to go through the sleep training or even schedule the consult with Rebecca because I was afraid my only option was for him to cry it out, which I was against. After our first 15 minute free consult I knew she was a good fit for my son and I. A few weeks later I went ahead and started the coaching. Not only did Rebecca respect my decision to go at my own pace but she also was there for me every step of the way. Within 5 days my son went from sleep an average of 1 hour per day to 3 hours, and from waking every half hour at night to sleep 3-4 hour stretches. I was able to continue to co-sleep and breastfeed my son while us both getting the sleep we need.

Peace & love,
— Sarah M.
I don’t know what we would have done without Rebecca! We reached out to her after enduring three challenging months with our 20-month-old daughter, who had suddenly begun waking frequently throughout the night, wailing, and refusing to fall back to sleep. We hoped to find a method for putting our daughter down to sleep (at both nap time and bed time) that was peaceful and gentle for her, and quick and easy for us. In only three weeks, Rebecca helped us reach that goal. Now our daughter falls asleep peacefully on her own in about 5 minutes for a consistent 2-3 hour nap every day; she also falls asleep on her own at night after a 10-15 minute bedtime routine and sleeps 10 hours straight. We no longer dread bedtime! We know that our daughter is getting the sleep she needs, and (thankfully!) so are we. In developing our daily and nightly routines, Rebecca took into account our work schedules, our daughter’s special needs as a developmentally delayed child, and the fact that we also have a 4-year-old son who requires time and attention.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Rebecca to any family struggling with their children’s sleep. I could have scoured the internet looking for suggestions on how to solve our sleep problems on my own; I could have read books, or asked friends; I could have tried one thing, and then another thing, and then another. But after months of poor sleep, I lacked the emotional and mental strength to do any of that! What a relief it was to put ourselves in Rebecca’s hands, so to speak, and know that she was on the case, working this out for us. We told her our problems, she told us what to do; we touched base every morning to discuss how things worked the night before, and Rebecca made adjustments as needed. If something didn’t work out, all I had to do was report it to Rebecca, and she figured out what we needed to do differently. My only regret is that I didn’t contact her even sooner!

Rebecca, thank you so much! Giving people a good night’s sleep is one of the greatest gifts of all. We are truly grateful!
— Jenny, NY
I first contacted Rebecca when Liliana was 2 months old. Her sleeping was never great. I was a first time mom and knew nothing. I had no experience with newborns. Silly me thought that she would just fall asleep when she was tired. Boy was I wrong. I came across Rebecca’s name when I was researching the Sleep Lady. I found Rebecca’s name on a list of sleep consultants in my area. I was desperate for help. With my first phone conversation with Rebecca I knew she would be able to help me. She was very patient and understanding. She helped me establish a routine, which was something I was having trouble with. After we had a set routine Rebecca helped me work on sleep shaping. We were doing great. Liliana was sleeping longer stretches throughout the night and was napping on a schedule. She wasn’t as cranky and upset anymore. We were all happy. Around her 3rd month birthday we had to transition her from her rock’n’play sleeper to her crib. This was a little set back, but within a week she was back on track. Shortly after this she had a terrible rash all over her body which threw off her sleeping again. At the time we didn’t know it was an allergic reaction. Rebecca was there to help guide me through it. We gave it sometime and we tried again with sleep shaping. Only to find she still wasn’t allowing herself to fall asleep. I kept doing everything that Rebecca told me to do, but it just wasn’t working. Rebecca came over to my home and saw for herself what would happen. Rebecca only confirmed what I always thought, there was something else causing Liliana to not sleep. I pushed her dermatologist, pediatrician and GI for help. After a second rash outbreak we saw an allergist. The allergy testing showed that we were battling allergies to milk, soy, and wheat. Her milk allergy we knew of, but soy and wheat were new. After we cut these out of her diet her skin began to clear up and she was more content. However, she was now around 6 months old and she was used to sleeping with me. In my arms and in my bed. I knew I needed to fix this. I once again contacted Rebecca informing her that Liliana’s health problems were under control and that I wanted to start sleep training. We talked on the phone and she gave me guidance and support to start training. The first day she did cry, but she did fall asleep for 2 hours in her crib. That night she cried less and woke up later for her bottle. Each progressive day she woke less and less, until she slept 12 hours straight. Nap time was a little harder, but within two weeks she was falling asleep and staying asleep. Liliana, my husband and I were getting the rest we needed. Recently, we moved and I was worried that the new home would through off her sleep. Guess what? It didn’t! She slept in her pack’n’play for the first time the day we moved and then that night in her crib as if she was always sleeping there. I owe this to Rebecca for guiding me and answering any questions I had along the way.
— Alexandra P., Roslyn Heights, NY
I highly recommend working with Rebecca. In 2013, Rebecca quickly helped solve my son’s sleep issues. Two years later, my daughter arrived and not only was she an awful sleeper, but she was being dragged around to my son’s activities and sleeping on the go. At 7 months of age, we resorted to co-sleeping/nursing all night long and napping exclusively in the swing or in a carrier. My husband and I were exhausted, my daughter clearly wasn’t rested, and my son was dealing with cranky parents.

Rebecca helped us devise a plan that worked with our busy lifestyle and didn’t expect us to stay at home until our daughter was sleeping better. Rebecca was EXTREMELY patient with us; we are very big on attachment parenting and didn’t feel comfortable with our daughter crying. She allowed us to slowly work through her sleep issues at our own pace. When things didn’t work, Rebecca always had another plan of attack to get our little girl sleeping and never gave up on us!

My daughter now falls asleep on her own, nurses typically only once a night and takes proper naps in her crib!!!!

Having an infant that sleeps is life changing!!!! We are now enjoying our daughter and have so much freedom.

We can’t thank Rebecca enough for her help!
— Erika P.
She hung in with us when our little guy had colds and really listened to what our family needed and respected our parenting styles. Before Rebecca my little guy was waking four times a night and now bedtime is the sweet and quiet time we wanted it to be. You will be very glad you have her in your life and you and your child will get the rest you need.
— AK., N.Y.
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— Jonathan L.
Rebecca Kammerer’s sleep coaching was an incredible support to me while I was sleep training my 15 month old son. Her thoroughness and attentiveness went above and beyond my expectations. It can be very daunting trying to get your child to sleep better, but with Rebecca’s expert guidance the process was smooth and successful. I highly recommend Rebecca’s services. She is a wonderful coach!
— Lorraine Miller, Gratitude Writer, Speaker + Coach,
Rebecca was so incredibly helpful! Our 16 month old was waking up every morning at 5am exhausted and cranky. Rebecca gave us step by step instructions on how to change his nap schedule so that he would wake up later. We quickly saw steps of progress and although it’s not yet perfect we are moving in the right direction. Rebecca’s quick response time helps us feel secure that our questions will be answered quickly and with professionalism.
— Miriam S., N.Y.
Rebecca at Sleep Cadets is my hero. I say this because when I first called her as a recommendation from my pediatrician I felt a bit desperate. My little guy at 15 months had somehow went from crib to my bed on a regularly nightly basis. At first this wasn’t a big deal, we would put him in the crib after he fell asleep. Soon that became impossible, as he would wake and become hysterical if we placed him in crib. He had control and we didn’t know what to do, and did not want use the cry it out method that was too upsetting for us. It was now taking up to an hour or more for him to fall asleep in our bed and it was becoming problematic. Our goal was for him to be able to fall asleep on his own in his crib and to form good sleep habits going forward.

We contacted Rebecca. She coached us over the telephone while factoring in our son’s schedule and our particular schedules, caretakers and more. She is a great listener. We began slowly, which was important to me, and together created a bedtime routine. We started off as a first step by getting our boy used to the crib again. By setting up a sidecar crib and letting him get used to co-sleeping and sleeping in the crib (along-side mom), he was able to learn that the crib was a safe place. We were ready in a short period to transition Stevie to his own crib in his own room following Rebecca’s coaching on how to do that.

With gentle guidance and consistency, he can now go to sleep on his own and is sleeping through the night. We follow the same routine every night and our boy loves his crib! He is a happy boy and mom and dad can get things done after he has gone to sleep. I feel a huge burden has been lifted and recommend Rebecca and the Sleep Cadets highly. I was skeptical at first, however, it was all I could have asked for and more. Thank you!
— Kara S., New York
Before I contacted Rebecca for sleep training, the thought of having a full nights sleep was just wishful thinking. My 13 month old son was still not sleeping through the night. My son had some medical issues that required him to be held upright for at least 30 minutes after eating. This resulted in him often falling asleep in our arms after a bottle therefore never really learning how to self sooth and fall asleep on his own as well as how to stay asleep. On top of that, he also had some breathing issues which prevented us from trying “the cry it out” sleep method. I was getting maybe 4- 5 hours sleep on average and working full time. Both my husband and I were exhausted! There seemed to be no end in sight.
Finally after 13 months of carrying and rocking our son to sleep to the point were my arms would be sore the next day, I took my sister’s advice and contacted Rebecca for sleep training. After our first conversation, I began to feel that there may be some hope for us in correcting my son’s terrible sleep pattern. My husband and I implemented the strategies that Rebecca recommended and were surprised with how fast our son responded. We now have the tools needed to help teach our son to self sooth and to fall asleep without carrying him around and rocking him to sleep. We are so very thankful for Rebecca’s help. This has made such a difference in our lives!
— Michael and Karen W., East Northport, N.Y.
Our daughter was a great sleeper since birth, when she reached about 7 months old her sleeping was all over the place. My husband and I had created many bad sleeping habits (rocking, having her fall asleep with bottle, etc) that we knew we needed to break.
At about 8 1/2 -9 months olds her sleeping was all over the place and she started waking every 2 hours throughout the night and would only fall asleep on the couch laying on one of us; she was also fighting naps and she was just so overtired. After about 3 weeks of this and my husband and I fighting constantly because we were so exhausted and didn’t know what to do we decided to contact Rebecca.
Rebecca walked me through the process every step of the way. She listened to what our needs were and what sleeping goals we wanted to set for our daughter. She called me almost every day to check in and see how the night went and answered any questions I had. After 2 nights of working with Rebecca, our daughter slept for 11 hours; it was amazing! Her naps had improved and everyone was getting the rest we needed! We then started on getting our early riser to sleep past 5am.
It is now 3 weeks after starting the program and I am happy to say our daughter has been sleeping from 7:15pm-6:15am. There is no more screaming crying at bedtime or naptime and she successfully takes 3 naps a days.
— Liz V., NY.
Our daughter Piper was born eight weeks prematurely and came home from the NICU on a three hour schedule. Once our pediatrician said we could let her sleep, we had no idea where to start as Piper was used to being fed every three hours. Our son was full term and we had no experience with sleep training a preemie so when Piper was six months old (four months adjusted) we called Rebecca. She listened very patiently as we explained Piper was a preemie, used a pacifier and was on medication for reflux. Rebecca had us write down all of Piper’s activities, eating and sleeping times for a few days which made us realize how bad things really were for everyone. Piper was getting up between twelve and twenty times a night - no wonder we were all tired. Rebecca talked to us about our different options and the pros and cons of each option. We were also eager to get rid of the pacifier because we wanted Piper to learn to help herself sleep. Rebecca emailed us all the details of what to do(which was amazing because we could refer back to the sheets) and we prepared for what we thought would be a never ending night. We gave Piper a bath, sang her a song, put her down (awake), said goodnight and an amazing thing happened- she went to sleep and stayed asleep. Piper woke up once but before my husband or I got to the stairs she was back asleep, it was as if she read the memo on what to do. Rebecca was pleasantly surprised by how well our first night went and I assured her that Piper would probably get us the next night but shockingly she didn’t- she slept. We realize we are certainly not the norm when it comes to sleep training but Rebecca was there every step of the way and we still check in with her. We are so grateful we called Rebecca and we know Piper is a happier baby now that she is well rested.
— Amanda M., Garden City, NY
We received Rebecca’s information at our child birth class and I saved the flyer ‘just in case’, but I didn’t think I would need a sleep coach - I’m a developmental psychologist and a certified early childhood teacher, after all! However, after 9 months of epic nighttime battles, virtually no napping and never sleeping through the night - despite the numerous books I read, blogs I reviewed and friends I polled, we realized we needed additional help.

After interviewing several sleep coaches over the phone Rebecca really stood out - not only because of her honesty - no gimmicky promises - but because of her easy manner and ability to see the fun and amazing things our daughter had to offer - not just the exhausting aspects of her spirited personality, even when it came to sleep. After meeting in person with Rebecca it became very clear that she was going to work with us and with our daughter to find the plan and the routine that worked for our family, not offer us a canned plan that was built as a one-size-fits-all.

Rebecca not only took into account our daughter’s spirited temperament, but her acid reflux and her parents’ distress at hearing her ‘panicked’ cry at bedtime. My husband and I never felt judged and never felt uncomfortable with the methods and the advice Rebecca offered - on the contrary we felt empowered to help our daughter be a better sleeper and learned how to read her cues and offer comfort and kisses when necessary, and firm but supportive guidance when she needed more encouragement to master the difficult task of self-soothing and falling asleep on her own.

Additionally, Rebecca managed to get my constantly grazing, breastfeeding child on a very predictable schedule (no more nighttime feedings!) that worked not only for her (and her sensitive tummy) but also me.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Rebecca to anyone who experiences distress, frustration and worry about their child’s sleep habits. Our daughter gained a great deal from the skills Rebecca helped us teach her; however, my husband and I equally benefited from the guidance, support, and encouragement from Rebecca. She taught us to trust our instincts and trust our daughter and what she was trying to communicate, while shutting out the chatter from well-meaning, but uninformed family and friends.

Our daughter will never be that easy child who falls asleep anywhere when tired, or delights at the sight of her crib at bedtime; however, she has been consistently sleeping through the night for 11 or more hours since working with Rebecca and napping with more regularity then we ever thought possible. She’s even managed to keep her sleep fairly regular through numerous overnight trips - including a change in time zones. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rebecca and are thankful we were able to help teach our daughter an important life skill in a way that felt good for all of us.
— Andrea R., New York, N.Y.
When I first contacted Rebecca, we had just started applying some sleep coaching techniques from books we read. We were in the process but I felt that having someone who was experienced with different sleep behaviors would be very helpful, especially since we were dealing with twins. Rebecca was very respectful of where we were at. She offered us time to work on our own, but I knew I needed her coaching to help me follow through and deal with challenging situations. Having someone there during those “I don’t know what to do and why is my child not sleeping,” moments. She was very responsive to both my calls and text messages. I learned more about sleep and better able to deal with the differences in my twins. Although their sleep is ever changing, I do feel more equipped with tools as a result of Rebecca’s help
— Cari S., Long Island, New York
Rebecca was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me establish a sleep routine that enabled my daughter to fall asleep without nursing to sleep and stay asleep for 6-8 hours at night. Rebecca knew that I did not want to let my daughter “cry it out” and also knew that was not the best way to help a baby of her age to self soothe. Her expertise helped my husband and I help our daughter to fall asleep in her bassinet using a pacifier, “shooshing” her and patting her back to let her know we were there. After four nights my daughter was able to fall asleep within minutes of putting her in her bassinet alone.

Rebecca was mindful and emphatic to the needs of a breastfeeding mother and child. I had been putting my daughter to sleep while nursing on my side in my bed. She would fall asleep in my bed and then I would move her into her bassinet. That worked until four-five months when my daughter began waking up every time we moved her and then would be up every couple of hours. Rebecca was mindful of my desire to continue breastfeeding whenever I could but also knew that developmentally my daughter was becoming more aware of her surroundings, etc and not able to remain asleep during the transition to her bed. Her plan allowed my time with her and breastfeeding at night that also allowed us to help her soothe and fall asleep on her own, rather than while nursing, which has worked beautifully.

Rebecca set out a clear plan that was easy to follow and helped us to establish a routine. She provided detailed documentation on healthy sleep habits and a good night time routine to follow every night that includes getting her ready for bed, nursing her, reading books, and singing songs. After more than a month of doing this routine, my daughter has become accustomed to it. It has also been a great bonding experience with her and has also allowed my husband to also be involved in our night time routine.

Rebecca was great with follow-ups. When my daughter wakes up and needs her pacifier, we put it in her hand and showed her how to put it back in her mouth, per Rebecca’s instructions. We have recently been working on this to help eliminate the need for us to get up and put the pacifier back in her mouth if she wakes up crying for it. She has only done this occasionally.

Her sleep has improved immensely! My daughter has a bedtime (8:30 pm) and sticks to it. She sleeps soundly for 7-8 hours. Some nights she has even gone to sleep by 8 pm. We continue to learn to follow and look out for her cues. When she wakes, usually between 4:30 am-5:30 am, I nurse her and she goes back to sleep immediately for another 2-3 hours.

Rebecca anticipated the changes in our daughter and helped us to establish healthy habits for her during the big changes in her development. It couldn’t have gone any better for us.
— Alison C., Long Island, NY
Rebecca was great in helping us understand the importance of a bedtime routine. Our 3 yr. old twins took it immediately. The entire bedtime routine has eliminated the screaming and cut down the over 3 hour process to under 90 minutes. We are very grateful for the advice we got from Rebecca.
— Mike Lofberg, San Francisco, CA
My son is 17 months old. I started to read books about sleep training before he was born because I feared having a baby who wouldn’t sleep. I felt so reassured after reading the books, that by the time he was born, I felt ready to sleep train if he needed it. How hard could it be right?....Wrong!! My son is a very happy, very verbal, fun loving boy who is full of energy and excitement. He is such a good boy, he just doesn’t sleep. For 16 ½ months he woke up 2-3 times a night and would take 30 minute naps. Several tears have been shed on my part. I never really had the heart to fully “Ferberize” him, call me a softie, but my heart would melt whenever I saw tears. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t sleep, it was mine! When he was first born, I would nurse him to sleep and then put him down. As time went on, he needed to be rocked to sleep. I knew I was enabling his sleeping habits, but it was just easier to do what I was doing. I am a working mom who needs her sleep to function and just found it easier and faster to pick him up in the middle of the night when he cried. At 6 months old we tried “Ferberizing” him, but with my own modifications. It worked for a few days, but I noticed it wasn’t consistent. At 8 months old we tried again and I noticed the same results. Every month would go by and every month I would say to my husband “He will eventually sleep….right?”. I started to feel like a failure and I felt very alone. I am a teacher and try to tell my students to ask for help if they need it and realized I needed to listen to myself. I needed help, and all I needed to do was ask for it. After speaking to Dr. Elissa Rubin one day, she recommended calling Rebecca. I sat on it for a while, and then made the call. It was the best thing I did, and I regret not calling her sooner! Rebecca is kind and compassionate and made me feel like I am not alone in the sleep deprived world. She offered me guidance and step by step support to get me through this difficult time. On night 1 of the Sleep Lady Shuffle, I was reluctant, only because I know my son better than anyone else and I just felt like he would be the exception to her success, but I still listened and did everything she told me to do. It was very difficult not to pick him up in the middle of the night, but I had to be strong in order for this to work. More tears were shed. By night 12 I started to see changes. He started sleeping for 10 hours straight and would wake up singing happily in his crib and by night 18, he slept for 11 hours. I will continue to work with Rebecca to improve his nap habits, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! If you are reading this and have a baby who doesn’t sleep and are contemplating calling Rebecca….call her, call her now! You are not alone and there is no reason for you and your family to lose sleep.
— T.C., East Williston, NY.
I currently have a 4 ½ week old daughter Ella. Like most new parents we had many unanswered questions regarding healthy sleeping habits and many general questions regarding her overall well being. Ella had also developed reflux and had begun having difficulty and crying a lot when I was feeding her with a bottle. She was being breastfed and bottle fed. One of my friends sent me an email about Rebecca’s call in sessions regarding healthy sleeping habits. We called her to sign up for the session and she was immediately very helpful and asked me a bunch of questions regarding Ella’s sleeping, eating and reflux symptoms. Within a few hours she had sent me an email summarizing all of the points we discussed about Ella as well as attachments to sleep and feeding schedules. She called me the following day for the phone call in and spent almost an hour with me going over healthy sleep habits and general pointers. Rebecca told me that even though it is too early to start formal sleep training; it is not too early to start healthy sleep habits. The schedules she provides are meant to be guides which will take you from a newborn to three years of age and will alter and change as your child develops. Even though the call in was geared towards healthy sleeping habits Rebecca was able to offer other extremely helpful tips and advice on general parenting issues and she gave me some good pointers on how to deal with a reflux baby. Like most new parents who have a crying baby I kept wondering what I was doing wrong. Rebecca was very reassuring in letting me know that this is normal and that unfortunately with or without reflux sometimes there is nothing that can be done but to hold her and try to console her. We are all looking forward to working more with Rebecca.
— Michelle M.
I contacted Rebecca regarding the fact that I had to rock my twins to sleep for naptime and bedtime everyday. She emailed me materials regarding the CIO method, and she followed up with me with a 45 minutes phone conversation where she basically tailor-made a schedule and a plan of action for my twins’ specific needs. After a few days, there was a MARKED difference in how they put themselves to sleep! They play quietly in their cribs now, put themselves to sleep, and don’t need to be rocked anymore! Rebecca followed up with me through email and helped me through some rough days. I am so thankful - my boys are doing great and i am literally in shock at how fast they picked up on their new schedule!
— Stefanie D. , Nassau County Mother of Twins Club Member
My 8 month twins haven’t sttn since 3.5 months (they used to be amazing sleepers). They started slowly, waking once a night to nurse and then by last week, we were up to 4-6 times, every hour. They also barely napped during the day and fought the mere idea of one.

DH and I tried a few different things, but CIO and the general idea of “sleep training” was not for us. Nothing we tried worked and we were really tired and pretty much desperate. I felt like we had tried so many different things that we were all over the place, and we needed someone to help us with a solid plan.

I found out about Sleep Cadets and emailed Rebecca, who also has twins. Within minutes, she called me and told me about her program. I am incredibly wary of sleep training, but I learned that the techniques are very gentle. I remained pretty wary throughout but DH insisted that we follow through and I am very happy with the results.

Rebecca is absolutely AMAZING and held our hand throughout every step of the way. We talk to her sometimes 3 times a day to check in. We are still in the thick of the process but last night DD slept 11 hours straight and DS slept 10 hours with one 5 minute wakeup around 4am. It was incredible.

I still had some issues to overcome with the idea of trying to interfere with their natural sleep process but my kids were miserable and would even wake up with bloodshot eyes. It was a relatively painless process and I think we are over the hump. Hopefully, things continue going well. Rebecca has warned us that there could be pitfalls, but I feel that she is preparing us well for how to help the kids overcome any issues.

Definitely contact her if you think you are in need of sleep help.
— Caitlin M., Queens, NY
Rebecca, thanks for the advice on the bed time routine. Since the meeting I’ve changed their nightly routine to pj’s, read books, bathroom, brush teeth, sip of milk/water then bed. I put them down at 7:30, they barely ever call me back in for anything and fall asleep much quicker. Before I used to let them go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, sip of milk/water, pj’s, read books and then bed. Every night after putting them down they would ask to go potty again, get a sip of something or anything their minds could come up with. Small things like this make a BIG difference. Thanks so much!
— Julia T., Baldwin, N.Y.
Thanks to Rebecca, one of our twins who was taking over an hour to get to sleep with various methods failing, is now able to put herself to sleep within an average of 15 minutes. The long drawn out bedtime routine has less tears and stress and it is a pleasure to start the bedtime routine. In addition, our twins are now able to go to sleep together in the same room and sleep through each other’s disruptions. Thanks to Rebecca’s guidance, our home is much less stressed and better rested overall.
— Robert and Cathy, Long Island, NY
Hi Rebecca,
I know we played phone tag a few weeks ago, but I wanted to let you know things are going very! After two weeks of Ania being very stubborn, she finally became comfortable with going into her crib awake and falling asleep on her own. To be honest, I think we have only had ONE wake-up that we were aware of during the past month, and it’s because she managed to get her foot stuck in the crib slats but couldn’t get it out! Otherwise, if she has woken, she has put herself back to sleep quietly without our knowledge. Success!! Needless to say, my husband and I are loving the full night of sleep.
Thank you again for the class and your follow-up call. I’m sorry we couldn’t connect over the phone. My pregnancy brain got the best of me and I just realized while at Ania’s well check-up with Dr Rubin last week that I owed you a follow-up and a big thanks!!!
Best to you and your family for a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
— Kelly G.
My husband and I were beyond the limits of our patience let alone exhaustion, when our “always perfect” sleeper forgot what sleep was at 22 months. Rebecca transformed our daughters’ sudden 4xs-a-night wakings and reliance on sleep crutches into a dream baby! Trust the process and trust Rebecca and her depth of knowledge. She will 100% make a positive change in your child’s sleep routine. I was particularly impressed with her level of care and attention to our child’s temperament and to our family dynamic. It really made the whole process easier, and as parents, you can trust not only her guidance that much easier, but your child and her needs, too. It was so relieving to also know Rebecca was just a text away when we really were going through the true trenches of the process.

I cannot thank her enough!
— Sonja
As a clinical social worker that works to develop a positive attachment between parents and children, I was committed to forming a secure attachment with my first child. I dreamed of peaceful times together as we relished in our relationship. I was ill prepared for the anxiety that came trying to be “perfect” in my “attachment parenting” accompanied by a spirited child with a fiery soul that seemed to despise sleep.

At 6 months old, Emma would literally wake up in twenty minutes intervals through the day and night. She would only fall asleep by nursing and could not be transferred to a crib at all. She was sleeping in my bed, with my husband on the couch and was not sleeping much anyway! I felt helpless, overwhelmed, and exhausted; all of which effected my parenting and my relationship with my husband. A local mother told me about how Rebecca had helped her son and “saved her marriage” and although I was skeptical (I did not want to sleep train or do cry it out) I emailed her the next morning. Rebecca called me back that very same morning. She spoke about attachment and quoted people I myself admired and use in my work. I felt comfortable, understood, and safe. I signed up to work with her that day!

In our first few sessions it was clear that Rebecca was as committed to helping my daughter and I form a secure attachment as I was. She also helped to remind me that a healthy attachment does not equal a child who never fusses or perfect parenting. Through our work I became better equipped at tolerating Emma’s fussing and better able to differentiate and respond to the cries she uses to speak with me (i.e. when she is teething, versus when she is struggling to get herself to sleep, versus when she is letting us know she is just not happy). Through coaching I became more confident and better able to communicate with my daughter.

Rebecca was incredibly available to us, stayed at our pace, made recommendations based on her astute understanding of the spirited child and helped us understand what healthy sleep for my daughter looks like. Emma now enjoys her bed time routine, one in which others can actually do with her, and wakes up once in the early morning. We comfortably enjoy early morning family snuggles in bed.

Rebecca’s sleep coaching not only helped my daughter sleep better, it helped my husband and myself understand our daughter better and learn to communicate with each other better.

I would recommend Rebecca to absolutely any family that is struggling with sleep issues, especially one who has a more spirited child.

Thank you Rebecca!
— Gina K. New York
Reaching out to you is what finally made the difference. I knew that having used your system and support when my daughter was first transitioning from my room to her room and to get her to sleep through the night, that you were the one to call. The Sleep Shuffle worked so well! To be honest, I was skeptical of how well my daughter would do with it, but with your support, and being consistent it worked shockingly well from day one. My daughter knew I was there for her at all times, but also learned very quickly that our new routine was not going to be deviated from. It quickly helped her sleep well. She was waking in the middle of the night previously and afraid of “bad monsters”. Through using the Sleep Shuffle she was assured that I am always available when she truly needs me, so she started to not need to cry for me to come, just to make sure I was still around. She knew I was always around, even if I wasn’t in the room with her. This security helped her learn how to comfort herself back to sleep. I would absolutely (and have!) recommended your program and support to anyone experiencing sleep issues with their children at any stage. Your attention to detail and how thorough you are makes parents feel so supported! Thank you so much again for all of your help, I will always recommend you to anyone that I can!
— Jennifer Z., NY, USA
When I first contacted Rebecca, our little Athena had just turned 4 months old. The time had come to start working on the sleep crutches that we were relying on to get Athena to sleep. And when I talk about sleep crutches, we used them all. You name it – nursing to sleep at bedtime AND after her 4-5 night wakings, sleeping in bed with us, swaddling (despite the fact that she would break out of the swaddle like a little Houdini constantly), staying in bed with her after getting her to fall asleep (our girl would just pop awake the instant I got out of bed). The list goes on. I had bought a couple books and spent hours online searching out suggestions, but I really wanted some personalized help. Someone to actually talk to and provide one on one guidance. Turns out our sleep angel was right there, in the same wellness center as our pediatrician…
Since our little one was only 4 months old, Rebecca worked on having us do some gentle sleep “shaping.” We did things slowly and spoke with Rebecca very regularly (even daily in the beginning). This was so important to me – having that constant guidance and support. It felt so good to know that, whether the previous night or two was a “success” or a struggle, I would soon talk to Rebecca and be armed after our call with my modified “plan of attack” for the next few nights.
Fast forward 5 weeks. Athena (now 5 months old) sleeps in her mini crib. Consistently. She is unswaddled. I don’t have to go to bed when she does (although, in all honestly, sometimes I’m just so tired I do). She wakes an average of twice a night to eat (not every hour or two). Lastly, I am now nursing her before bedtime and handing her off to Daddy to finish putting her to sleep. She is awake when she goes into my husbands arms and falls asleep with him, which is a BIG DEAL in our house. There have even been some instances where we have been able to place her in her crib drowsy but awake!
It’s such a marked change from where we started out and we have Rebecca to thank for all her guidance and expertise. When our little one hits the 6/7 month mark and is ready for some more structured sleep “coaching,” I 100% plan on turning to Rebecca again. We have laid down a great sleep foundation for our little one, though…..and we have Rebecca to thank for that. I would highly recommend Sleep Cadets to any sleep deprived family!
— Jocelyn L. (East Williston, NY)
My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca at one of her workshops when our daughter was only two weeks old. The advice and support she gave us was invaluable in setting us on the right path as new parents. As a result of Rebecca’s guidance and the information we received at the workshop, we were able to get our daughter to sleep through the night very early on, as well as in her own room and crib. We recently called on Rebecca again for a free consultation, we were very frustrated and needed advice on getting our daughter to nap. By asking the right questions, within minutes she was able to identify the issue, and a couple of days later we can already see an improvement in our routine. She is extremely easy to talk to and has years of experience to help families with various situations. We would highly recommend Rebecca and the workshops to anyone, especially new parents such as ourselves!

Thanks again for your help, knowing that Oliviya still has reflux is helping already, she is eating better and sleeping longer stretches during the making just a few tweaks we feel like we are on the right track.

Kind regards,
— Mariya and Paul
I first learned of Rebecca about 5 years ago, when she was offering a trial sleep coaching class through my pediatrician’s office. Our older daughter was a few months old at the time, and did not have any concerning sleep issues, but we figured it didn’t hurt to attend - just incase. As it turns out, our older daughter has always been a great sleeper. Fast forward 3.5 years and our younger daughter arrived, and has proven to be the complete opposite of her sister in every way imaginable. Around 5 months old, our little girl stopped her generally good sleeping habits, and became very attached during the night. She slept in our room, and then eventually in our bed, until we called Rebecca after about a year of broken sleep. She woke consistently and slept very poorly, which as a result led to us sleeping very poorly. In came Rebecca, ready to help us meet our goal of getting our youngest into her own room and sleeping through the night. She developed a plan for us to achieve that result, while maintaining our need for a gentle approach. We are thrilled to say that after only a night or two, our toddler was sleeping solidly 12+ hours with no wake-ups, in her own room - and NO crying. She is a much happier child with uninterrupted sleep, and we are so incredibly pleased with the results and with Rebecca’s guidance - we could not have done it without her. In addition, our 5 year old daughter had never fallen asleep without someone laying with her - which is a habit we wanted to break. We are happy to report that after only a couple of weeks of slow transition guided by Rebecca, she is falling asleep on her own. I have and will continue to recommend Rebecca to any concerned parent who is desirous of gentle sleep coaching.
— Elizabeth, Garden City, NY
When i decided to contact a sleep coach, I was at my last stand of energy. I didn’t know who to call or who to turn to anymore. So I took to the internet looking for an alternative to the Ferber Method.

I came across Rebecca’s website and decided to take a chance and schedule my free phone consultation. The next morning my phone rang at my exact appointment time. After 1 minute on the phone, I knew she was the answer to my problems. I told Rebecca “my daughter is 14 months old and wakes at night. I was giving her two naps a day (typically she would wake up one time at night) until this week when I tried to transition her to one nap a day (now she is up every 3 hours). I cannot let her cry it out, it would break my heart. Please help.”

Rebecca began by reworking my daughters daily schedule. Her eating, napping, wake up times. Everything was different from what I was doing. She helped us establish a new bedtime routine that does not consist of giving her a bottle to go to sleep and not watching the T.V.. My daughter can now go to sleep without a fuss and she sleeps in her own crib, all night!. amazing!!

I would (and do) recommend Rebecca to anyone that needs help with their child’s sleep. She is the real deal!
— Heather A.
Rebecca has helped our family with sleep at several points during my son’s life. She is kind and caring and adapts a plan for you and your family to get success. She comes with great ideas and product recommends that can really make a difference. She is knowledgeable about special needs and will talk to your child’s doctors if needed. You will get the rest you need and she will help you get there!
— A. Kanth, Queens, NY
In less then a week Rebecca has already helped me. Over the telephone she has given me some steps and specific guidelines that have already lead to a more smooth transition to bedtime in just a few nights! No tears, no struggles so far. I am fully confident that with her continued coaching we will have our little boy back in his crib without feeling like my heart has been ripped from my chest. She takes into account all of our information like our crazy schedules, our child’s other caretakers and his temperament too. She makes sure I’m comfortable with each instruction and recommendation she has given me so far.
— Kara S., North Bellmore, NY
I have a wild, spirited, full-of-life child that does not require a lot of sleep. Sleeping on his own is as likely as winning the lottery for us (at least that’s how it feels!). After a month of working with Rebecca, I literally had a mom moment I’ll probably never forget. I laid my son down in his crib and he held my hand and smiled at me until he closed his eyes and drifted asleep. WOW. Never thought I would see the day. At this point in sleep training, my son still wakes up a couple times a night, but this special moment gives me hope that he will sleep through the night one day (which will be like winning the lottery).
— Tara L., Hoboken, NJ
Rebecca is a dream come true for any parent who practices Attachment Parenting! We were able to continue to co-sleep with our 2 year old. Rebecca taught us how to help our daughter to self-sooth, in a very hands on approach. Our daughter can now fall asleep on her own and we can join her when we are ready. Now she only wakes once over-night to breastfeed. Something that we still wanted to do for her. We are so happy to have found Rebecca.
— Jack and Tracie, Great Neck, New York
I first heard about Rebecca through a friend. I knew we needed to do some sort of sleep training because our son was waking every hour and a half to two hours at night and I could not get him to nap for more than 30 min at a time but I was 100% against cry it out. Also, my husband’s job was entering the busy season and I would be left alone a lot with no family nearby for support. They say it takes a village. Well, since my village was hundreds of miles away, I hired one! It was not easy and there was crying (both he and I), but my son was never left to cry alone and I never felt alone either.

We did have some roadblocks. My son has severe reflux and constipation issues. Rebecca worked with us through all of it. She was always caring and compassionate and a fabulous listener. Because of his problems, our coaching took a while, but with hard work and perseverance it absolutely paid off.

Now my son takes two beautiful naps and sleeps from 7pm to 7am every day. Of course there is always the hiccups like travel and sickness, but now I have the tools and feel confident in how to handle them when we get thrown off our routine.

When I first called Rebecca I was sleep deprived, my son was cranky and my husband was going to lose it. Now, we are all well rested and much happier for it! I would 100% recommend Rebecca and her method.
— Gina F., Long Beach, New York
We first learned of Rebecca Kammerer when talking with my friends, The Liapakis Family. They had just finished working with Rebecca and were saying that she was amazing.

We decided to call Rebecca because we felt stuck in our current ways and felt like we had tried many techniques and needed the help of a neutral party in resolving our sleep issues. Our son co-slept (which we were fine with but ready to stop) and woke to nurse every few hours.

Why we chose to work with Rebecca over any other sleep coach was the fact that from our initial phone consultation she can across as the genuine person she is- thoughtful, caring, and supportive. She helped us believe in the possibility of change when we weren’t getting any sleep.

Rebecca was able to factor in that our son is spirited, so things can escalate quickly. Rebecca kept this in mind and really held our hand – holding our son’s hand throughout the entire process.

What worked for our family was the check-ins. They really helped keep us accountable and focus on small victories rather than “he still doesn’t sleep through the night.” We are done working with Rebecca and our son is now sleeping well. We have had some back slides, but we know what to do when we start to regress and it is not long before we are back on track.

We would absolutely and already have recommended Rebecca to any family needing guidance with sleep. She helped us tremendously and there is no doubt in mind that she could help anyone that has patience and is willing to put the work in.

Rebecca is awesome. She is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help families improve their sleep situations.
— Kevin and Tara, New Jersey
After having a great deal of difficulty getting my 8 month old son to fall asleep on his own and stay asleep throughout the night, my pediatrician recommended that I contact Rebecca Kammerer for a consultation. Rebecca instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease, she normalized my experience and let me know that there was a way to help us effectively achieve our goals. Rebecca was wonderful throughout the whole experience, I always felt that I could reach her and she was very patient in answering my questions. Even with a very strong-willed and stubborn child, I noticed positive changes in my son’s sleeping behaviors within the first few days. Rebecca was very flexible and came up with a lot of different techniques and ideas to help us - she met us where we were in terms of progress, and never forced things to move too fast so that we could succeed. I think that this made all the difference to us. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who could benefit from her support.
— Rhonda M., Long Island, New York
We can’t thank you enough for all of your help with Vincent and his sleep! We have a solid nighttime routine and I am out of his room within 10 min of putting him down! We started to see an improvement as the summer went on. Sleeping through the night started sometime in August. We had some successful nights and those started increasing. The birth of our second son in early September ironically marked the consistent sleeping through the night. While we still have a night here and there that doesn’t go well, for the most part we have achieved success!

Your knowledge, expertise, and calming, patient manner truly saw us through this bump in the road. We have started our transition to our big boy bed and with our solid routine in place things seem to be going well!
— Janine & Joseph G., N.Y.
Hi Rebecca,

I know it’s been a bit since we last spoke and I just wanted to give you an update. I thought of going through my past with Mia but in 2o words or less, we co-slept, nursed her to sleep, tried the crib, needed to get Mia out of the rock n play (she was in it until 6 months and that’s when we hired you). I’m so glad I contacted you else I’m not sure what i would have done. All i know is that 6 months later, we are finally sleeping through the night (12 hours) and taking two scheduled naps for at least an hour and 15 min each! I’m not nursing to sleep anymore and she is not nursing in the middle of the night. We have an awesome routine, one that I’m thinking she’s starting to love and start some nights without me. Nick is even able to put her to sleep at night and for naps! She even slept in a rock and play ONCE lol

I really appreciate the time you spent with me and getting me through this. You supported me 100% through it all. It was not easy to get here at times but I stuck with what was in my heart and the knowledge you gave me. (no CIO, take baby steps and let her adjust, and when we were both ready it would fall into place). Yes there were some tears, for both of us in fact, but we are in such a better place now that we have sleep…good sleep that is!

I’m sure there will be bumps in the road and I’m sure I’ll be contacting you when she flips herself out of the crib ;-) but for now we are good…we are SO good. :-)

I could have wrote a book about this crazy journey called sleep but I’ll save that for stories for when she’s older haha

Just wanted to say THANKS & I’m happy to share my story with anyone who comes my way because I’m so happy with the path we chose with this!

— Deb, Nick & OF COURSE MIA:), New York
My name is Karen and our experience with Rebecca was AMAZING. When my first son was struggling with sleep she helped me develop the correct habits to get him asleep at the same time every night and take naps every day. When we had our second boy she helped again and now our two boys, 3 years and 19 months, sleep in the same room 9-10 hours straight. There is no more screaming crying at bedtime. I highly recommend using Sleep Cadets if you need some help with your child’s sleep habits! Thank You so much!
— Karen L., New Hyde Park, NY
I was skeptical about sleep coaching because I thought I had already read everything possible about infant and toddler sleep. Also, my husband and I unintentionally found ourselves practicing Attachment Parenting and we wanted to continue breastfeeding and co-sleeping and I’d heard that some sleep coaches might not know how to work with that. Despite our reading numerous sleep books and blogs, and paying for a sleep plan from another sleep coach, our 16-month old daughter was still waking 3-6 times per night. When I found Sleep Cadets and spoke with Rebecca Kammerer, I knew instantly we were in good hands.

On the second night of our sleep coaching, my daughter, who hadn’t slept through the night since 4 months old, slept 10 hours straight. Obviously, we still had some work ahead of us but it was a portentous start to the life-changing experience of having our daughter finally sleep through the night. She is now able to self-regulate back to sleep, instead of rousing to nurse throughout night. Rebecca is a true professional and invited our input and ideas into the entire process. We are so grateful to have had her extremely knowledgeable and reassuring guidance. I wholeheartedly recommended Sleep Cadets to anyone looking for a gentle way to help their child, and themselves, sleep better.
— Jo-Anne S. and Shane O., Astoria, NY
On Thursday we drove to Toronto. Our son did super well in the car! I was so impressed. At bedtime we were still in the car and he fell asleep. We got to Toronto around 9:30pm and he woke up. He was up for about an hour, and I nursed him at 10:30. We have a pack and play with a real mattress and he has his own room here. He went down fairly easily and slept until 4:30. I nursed again and he slept until almost 8. We decided to try that night to start training again. So Friday night his cousin came over and they played a bit, so bedtime was about half an hour late. I nursed at 7, we did bedtime routine and put him down. He didn’t cry at all and fell asleep in about 20 minutes. He woke up at 2am. But he wasn’t crying. He would whine every so often, but barely cried. So we never went in, because we didn’t want to work him up. He ended up whining for about 25 minutes, fell asleep for about 10 minutes, woke up and whined again for 20 or so - and did that pattern until 3:45. Then, he fell asleep until 7:30! 12 hours without nursing!

Saturday night he went to bed at normal time, 7pm. No crying, fell asleep in about 20 minutes. HE SLEPT UNTIL 5:45AM!!!! I didn’t nurse him until 6am, and then he fell back asleep until 8:30am! Sunday night (last night), same thing. Bed at 7, asleep in about 20 minutes no crying. Woke at 5:30. He didn’t cry so I didn’t go in. He fell back asleep at 5:55, and slept until 7:30! Without nursing!

I’m so so proud of him, and I’m hoping by not going in this morning at 5:30 we can push him so that he sleeps straight through. But this is pretty amazing! It took one night for him to not wake up until 5:30. That’s 10 hours straight of sleep!

Impressed?? I think he was just finally ready to sleep through! Took us 9.5 months, but it seems like (fingers crossed) he’s getting it!”

With Rebecca’s help, support, advice and guidance, we have found success and feel confident in our ability to help our son sleep well. Our entire family is happier and better rested thanks to Rebecca! She was and continues to be always available to help, and we could not have done this without her.”

UPDATE: “He slept through last night! I think at 5:45 he sat up but he didn’t really wake up, he just re-positioned himself and fell back asleep until 7:05! SLEEP! 12 hours! I really thought this would never happen.
— Meredith and John Z., Oceanside, N.Y.
Rebecca has been one of the most supportive figures in our lives since our daughter was about 2 months old. She has unending patience and empathy. Her style of coaching is gentle for children and parents, which may be most important! Rebecca helped us transition our daughter out of the Rock N’ Play in our bedroom, where she had to be walked or nursed to sleep any time she woke up, into her crib in her bedroom. Our daughter now can put herself to sleep because we taught her how to do it – and because Rebecca taught us. We can’t recommend Rebecca enough!
— Lauren, Long Island, NY
Before meeting Rebecca I thought my kids would never sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. Using her program and guidance my twins can now sleep from 9 - 11 hours straight. Rebecca was very thorough and attentive to our needs as parents of twins. I am now recommending Rebecca to all my co-workers who have babies.
— Anthony M., Nassau County
My name is Cathy and Rebecca did an amazing job helping us to train our twins to get to sleep, They are now 1 year old. We started working with Rebecca at about 7 or 8 months when Baby A started refusing naps and bedtime. It was an awful, stressful time! Not only was Rebecca able to help give me practical ways of getting her to sleep but she also offered suggestions to make improvements overall for both babies. Rebecca’s support was unbelievable. She was available any time I needed to run through scenarios and her educational background helped me to understand my children more as individuals. Her guidance went beyond sleep training. In all, my girls give me no problem AT ALL going to sleep at night and sleep for 11-12 hours overnight with 1-2 naps during the day since one has dropped a nap. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Cathy J., Long Island, NY
Rebecca was extremely knowledgeable and she passed along information in an easy-to-understand way. She was very empathetic to our concerns and worries, and also really supportive that we could take baby steps to help shape our daughter’s sleep habits. Rebecca gave us small assignments every few days that built on previous assignments’ progress so it never felt like we were going too fast for our daughter (or us!). Rebecca answered emails and calls very promptly. She helped us transition Amelia into her crib for all naps and overnight sleeping in a way that was gentle for her and us. Amelia isn’t completely consistent with her sleep yet, but she’s stringing multiple nights together sleeping 9-10 hours straight. We’ll take it! It was such a positive experience. We’ll definitely recommend Rebecca to friends in the future.
— Lauren M., Lynbrook
My name is Soni, and I am the mother of a beautiful 7 month old boy. Rebecca is my third (and FINALLY the last) sleep trainer. So, it is safe to say that i am an expert in what to expect/get from sleep trainers out there.

The first one was an overly priced Pediatrician who seemed to always be in a rush over the phone…the second one was knowledgeable, by the book and the only words of support out of her were “awwww….you can do it” Along came Rebecca, and i got a reasonably priced (I actually prefer to call the way she delivers her services, PRICELESS) sleep trainer that posses an incredible ability of providing emotional support. I have a strong background in psychology and i can attest to the fact that the ability to connect with someone beyond their presenting problem is a gift, and Rebecca posses this !!!!

Sleep training is NOT easy regardless of what method you choose to use..but with the right sleep trainer the journey can be made easier. My 7 month old is on his way to a better sleep and a schedule that makes him a happier baby thanks to Rebecca!!!!”

— Soni K., Brooklyn, NY
I really can’t say enough good things about Rebecca. She is so unbelievably helpful I can’t thank her enough. Our 5.5 month old was sleeping in her rock and play since the day she was born. My husband and I tried numerous times and numerous objects to put her in to get her out of the rock and play but nothing seemed to work. We did not want to fully CIO and so we were at a loss. We then called Rebecca. We came up with a plan that worked for My husband and I along with working with my child’s personality. Rebecca really got to know us, what we were comfortable with and created a plan that would best work for us. We did exactly what she said and within 2 nights our child was sleeping in her crib only waking up 2x to BF throughout the night. She also naps in her crib. I loved working with Rebecca because she takes everything into account when coming up with a plan. It’s not scripted like some of the other methods out there. She asks all the right questions and makes sure that she is available if needed. She comes with a lot of experience and knowledge as well as is great with people. I highly recommend using Sleep Cadets if you need some help with your child’s sleep habits!
Thank You so much!
— Deb & Nick C., New Hyde Park, N.Y.
After reading several books about healthy sleep habits & getting advice from everyone I knew, I was getting so discouraged because my daughter just didn’t seem to fit into any category. Everything I tried resulted in frustration & crying for both my daughter & I.

One of my friends highly recommended Rebecca but the thought of paying someone to help my child to go to sleep seemed crazy, expensive & even a little embarrassing that I couldn’t get my own daughter to sleep.
I waited much longer then I should have & when I was at the end of my rope I finally called.

My husband & i realized that we spend so much money on toys, kids events & other things to make her happy & we needed to do this to make everyone happy & well rested!

Our daughter Ashley was about 22 months when we started working with Rebecca. She created a routine for her based on the information I gave her about Ashley & our daily schedule. Rebecca adjusted the routine as needed as she got to know my daughter instead of categorizing her into a certain type of child or sleeper.
I believe this is the main reason that it was successful because we tried EVERYTHING before this (rocking, laying down with her, driving around, cry it out.)

Getting Ashley to sleep at bedtime & nap time was always a battle. Since she was already a pretty vocal toddler she was a tough one!

We tackled bedtime first, in the beginning it wasn’t easy but after a couple weeks it wasn’t too bad & she was finally learning how to sooth herself to sleep.

Things were going so well that we decided to work on nap time, I had been driving her around to get her to nap for a year so this was a big challenge!

Between a consistent routine, patience & a million calls & texts to Rebecca, it finally started working!
Of course her 2 year molars are starting to come in now as soon as things are going good but I can only imagine how much worse the sleep situation would have been if I didn’t call Rebecca.

I really appreciate her encouragement, guidance, professionalism & most important, her care & concern for my daughter.
— Rebecca T., North Baldwin
I called Rebecca after getting one of her “Create Healthy Sleep Habits’ emails - after having answered YES to almost every question I decided I needed help. My son was almost 6 months old at the time and waking up numerous times during the night, ultimately ending in him sleeping in bed with my husband and I, leaving us all exhausted! Rebecca was always available and easy to talk to, she never made me feel silly or wrong for the questions I asked or the way I was handling my son’s sleeping habits at the time. We were able to meet in person to go over a few things, she read my son a story while I answered some questions and we set up a plan to help my son develop better sleep habits. One of the things I liked best about my experience with Rebecca is that her focus wasn’t solely on getting my son to ‘sleep through the night’. There was a much more broad approach that would ultimately lead to him hopefully doing so when he was ready and gently easing him in that direction. We worked on nap time, feeding times, routines, etc. After deciding on a game plan I spoke with Rebecca numerous times in the days following to troubleshoot, vent and share successes. Sometimes just having a non judgmental ear was all I needed for the day, other times it was a tweaking of technique. Rebecca provided it all. She even set me up with another mom she was working with at the time who happened to be going through a very similar situation! My son now sleeps from 7pm to at least 7am every night. He still wakes up sometimes but almost always is able to put himself back to sleep with little fussing. Looking back I can almost not even remember how tough it used to be! We are all so much more well rested nowadays and we have Rebecca to thank!
— Ashley M., Long Island
Finding Rebecca was a great way to start the new year. Rebecca has been amazing and God sent from the first conversation we had. She provided us with hope, support and the tools to accomplish our sleep goals. There were noticeable differences and improvements within the first week of working with Rebecca and we could not be more grateful. I now have the option of going to bed at a decent time, because our children(ages 1 & 2) are now on an schedule and to me that is priceless.
Rebecca is knowledgeable, understanding, supportive, patient and easy to work with. Our children also enjoyed meeting and spending time with her. It has been a pleasure working with Rebecca, because we are definitely talking about the great service we have received from start to finish.
Thank you so much.
— Nadia M.
I met Rebecca at a doula gathering and in hearing about what she does for a living, I asked her about the sleep problems that we have with our 2.5 year old son. Before implementing Rebecca’s suggestions, this is what our evenings with Ethan looked like for almost 6 months.

We’d give him a bath at a random time each night mostly whenever we felt he was tired or we were tired and needed to get him to bed. We sometimes read to him and sometimes not, and occasionally played lullabies to him. We would lie down in his bed with him, and he would want to play with us. If we tried to leave his bed, he’d beg us to stay. When we finally left the room, usually out of frustration because the lying down with him wasn’t working as far as putting him to sleep, he’d beg us to leave the door open. We’d tell him that we’d leave the door open only as long as he stays in his bed. He’d inevitably break the one thing we asked of him and come out of his room. We’d then put him back in his bed and close the door, which resulted in his crying and screaming. We’d listen to this for 10 or 15 minutes in the hope that he’s eventually fall asleep. Then we’d feel sorry for him and give him another chance with the door open. By that time, he would have cried a puddle of tears onto the floor and look all puffy eyed. We’d leave the door open again using the same threat of closed door if the child leaves the bed. And, the child would leave the bed, and the whole cycle would start over. Closed door, crying, open door, leave room, closed door, crying.....this would go on like this every night for 1 to 2 hours and he eventually would cry himself to sleep on the floor by the door. Needless to say, we were all loosing our mind!!

At Rebecca’s suggestion, we implemented a new bedtime routing which looks like this:
Bath at about the same time every night, usually between 7 and 7:30
1-3 stories read to our son, usually the same ones
We do not get into his bed, but rather sit at his bedside.
If he wants to cuddle, he can be in our lap at story time.
We leave the same CD with the same lullabies playing every night when we leave the room.
We got him this really nice night light so that he wouldn’t be afraid of the dark with the door closed.
And, the biggest change, we close the door from the get go and leave it closed rather than using closed door as punishment.

The first night:
He begged me to get into his bed at story time, I held strong and sat next to bed.
He begged me to leave door open when I left, I explained to him that he will sleep much better with the door closed.
I had to go back in many times and return the crying child to his bed, tell him that I love him and that it’s bed time, good night...about every 15 minutes. Two very difficult hours later, he fell asleep in his bed.

The second night:
He really pulled on my heart strings when he looked broken hearted that I didn’t get into his bed at story time and like he was just going to die when I told him that I’m going to close the door. I explained to him that he had two choices: He could cry and make himself miserable or he could play with his teddy until he felt tired and then put his head on his pillow and go to sleep. He kept trying to pull me into his bed and told me how much he loves me over and over again. He was so cute and clingy that it took every ounce of my strength to pull myself away and close the door. He cried for 30 seconds and then a miracle happened.....SILENCE! He had tested me and I had passed the test, and he fell asleep in his bed again. I was sure that this was a fluke and would never happen again, but...

By the third night, there was no more crying, less begging as he grew to accept this new bedtime routine. Now weeks later, he happily says good night and I love you as we leave the room. By 8 or 8:30 every night, my husband and I are home free. We are all so happy and grateful to Rebecca for having helped us implement a peaceful bedtime routine that works. The peaceful evenings in our house are simply priceless!!
— Jessica, Moshe & Ethan in Roslyn Heights, NY
After trying the CIO method for a day, I felt very uncomfortable with it. I searched online and found your article (Gentle Method of Sleep Training). My husband and I just tried this with out twins and it felt SO much better for us. And obviously the babies were much happier!...This method enables me to make the transition to sleep quicker so that I can take care of things while they are asleep. When they are awake, I can spend every waking minute with them!! Thank you!
— Liz,West Babylon, N.Y.
My son came home from the hospital sleeping through the night but around 3 months he began waking every 1-2 hours. He also began to fight his sleep- it would take 40 minutes of him (and sometimes me)crying to put him down for a nap and up to 2 hours at bedtime. At first, I told myself it was just a phase or it was because he was teething but after a month of battling it out with him (which is what it felt like), I decided to get help.
I read 3 books on sleep training, checked out every website and tried the advice of every family member, friend and person that I encountered. Every so often, my son would sleep 4-5 hours and I would be elated that I had found the solution!! But to my disappointment, the next night we would return to hourly wakings.
I began to feel anxious, depressed and felt that my baby and I were drifting apart. I didn’t have the energy to enjoy him anymore and frankly I was angry with him. I just wanted him to sleep!!! My marriage began to deteriorate as well- I felt misunderstood, alone and began to push my husband away.
One Saturday, after a sleepless night and a morning of tears (by both me and my son), in an act of despair, I drove to a “baby expo”to meet Rebecca Kammerer (whom I had heard of from my pediatrician Dr Rubin). Immediately she made me feel as if I was not alone and help was on the way! A few days later, Rebecca came to my house- we ensured my son’s room was a good sleeping environment and we made a plan. Over a months time, Rebecca was able to create a custom schedule based on my son’s sleeping, eating and activity patterns. We spoke often over the phone and through these conversations, Rebecca gave my family the guidance to a good nights (and days) rest.
I am very happy to say that now it takes less than 10 minutes to put my son to sleep. He sleeps between 7 and 10 hours before waking to nurse and then sleeps for 3-4 hours more! With Rebecca’s help, I no longer feel anxious, depressed and alone. My son and I are both happier and our bond is stronger than ever. My marriage is back on track and we now parent our son as a team. I know in the future we will encounter “bumps in the road” but Rebecca has given us the tools we need to get back on track. challenges and our needs.
— Ashley J. M., Farmingdale, NY